Makes cooking an unforgettable experience 

An evening with friends under a star-studded sky. As dessert a kiss at sunset. A dinner for two by the lake. These are just a few examples of the Miji Moments you can experience yourself with the Miji Cooking Pad. Because Miji makes cooking an unforgettable experience. It lets you leave the constraints of the kitchen behind you and makes the whole world your kitchen. Because it brings people together whenever and wherever they wish to enjoy a unique culinary experience. Miji combines great cooking with great fun.  And what stories do you have to tell?

Max (35)

Design aficionado

Max appreciates a quality wine just as much as an occasion to pull the cork at a pleasant evening with friends. The all prefer to come round to his place, because his apartment is not only comfortable, but also stylish and chic. Max simply loves good quality and outstanding design. He has a patio, too. It certainly sounds as if Max has everything the heart desires. That’s what his friends thought, too, when they were looking for the ideal birthday gift for him. They would be the first to admit hat what they discovered was not exactly just for Max:

an excellent wine and a wonderful evening could be made even more enjoyable – all that was missing was the food to match! No sooner sought than found: a portable induction cooktop. But not just any old cooktop – it had to be just the thing for Max and his lifestyle – high-tech and exceptional design. How things turned out on his birthday? Max was over the moon. And when the summer evenings are balmy, they cook and eat together happily ever after – with Max and his wonderful Miji Star 3 Plus. After all, it will last as long as good friendship – sometimes a whole life long.


Fionne (37)

Loves art and good food


I am Fionne Chan, and I come from Malaysia. I am 37 years old and used to be a banker;I am now full-time stay-at-home mum. I learnt cooking at very young age from my mum and my interest in cooking has grown ever since. Now my daughter Arianne, who is nine years old,is a good helper in kitchen while I am cooking. Cooking not only fulfils my passion about creating nice food but also helps my family stay healthy.
I got to know and started usingMiji products five years ago, and fell in love at first sight. The first thing about Miji that captures my mind is the design:an elegant appearance and carefully selected colour options. Personally, I like pretty things and I buy cosmetics such as lipsticks and face powder because of their packaging. So Miji products really fit what I look for in the design of kitchen appliances.


Regardless of the design, the functions of Miji stoves are surprisingly good. They are easy to use with good temperature control. In contrast witha gas stove, with a Miji stove, the heat is transferred to the pan or pot more evenly. To enjoy cooking, the cooktop and cookware are as important as the selection of food and ingredients.

Peter (42)

If he had his way, he would be outdoors all of the time.

Just close your eyes and listen. You can hear the birds singing. You can hear the wind whispering in the trees. That’s a dream come true for me. Whenever we have the time, my wife, my children and I drive out into the countryside with our camper. We go kayaking during the day, take long walks and go fishing. If my boys and I catch anything, it’s back to the camper and the glorious outlook of a delicious meal from the barbecue or our cooking pad.

Perfectly cooked – every time! We can set exactly the temperature we need. That’s important for fish the way we like it – crisp on the outside and fresh and tender inside. Ending a wonderful day with a wonderful meal and the family around me is my idea of heaven. When we’ve packed the boys off to bed, my wife and I then just sit back, wind down and watch the stars go by.