The Exquisite Max

Name of product

Miji MAX CTM 3500 II Miradur/Miji MAX CTM 3500 II

Information of product

MIJI Max CTM 3500 II provides you convenience of one button speed controlling and joyful Chinese cuisine cooking experience. Equipped with 2 cooking areas and like tai chi with the concept for yin and yang, it can meet various needs of Chinese cuisine.

Functions of product

16A power limit control

Residual heat indicator



Digital display LED


Automatic pot/pan recognition (induction cooker)


Intelligent boost function (induction cooker)

parameters of product

Miji MAX CTM 3500 II Miradur
Frequency 50Hz
Size of cooking area: Ø 180/ Ø120mm (left) ;Ø200mm(right);
Power of cooking zone:1600W/640W(left) 2200W/2800W (right)
Surface type:SCHOTT CERAN Miradur®
Surface temperature:≦540℃
Method of control: sliding touch control
Method of use:built–in
Size of panel: 760×450×4mm
Size of product: 764×454×80mm
Size of hole: 700±3×400±3mm

Miji MAX CTM 3500 II

Color: black

Voltage: 220v

Frequency: 50Hz

Power: 3500W

Size of cooking area: left Ø180/120mm; right Ø200mm

Power of cooking zone: left 1600W/640W; right 2200W/2800W(Boost function)

Surface type: SCHOTT CERAN®

Surface temperature: ≦570℃

Method of control: slide touch control

Method of use: built-in

Size of panel: 750×430×4mm

Size of product: 750×430×80mm

Size of hole: 723±3×403±3mm

Weight: approx.10.4